We recyle pet bottle

We provide smart solutions for transportation of waste material

Why Recycling is Necessary

To save landfill space

When plastic is reused, the places allocated for dumping it can be used to build something useful instead of a wasteland that emits irritants in the air.

To get rid of Toxic Pollutants

Plastic dumped in landfills emits potentially harmful chemicals that discharge into the groundwater and soil, having negative impact on our communities and eco-system.

To conserve resources

Production of plastic accounts for 2.5%-4% of the total energy consumption of the world. By re-cycling and re-using plastic, you can help conserve a significant amount of resources like water, natural gas, petroleum and more.

Our Process

Collect waste PET Plastic bottles

Crush them mechanically to reduce volume

Flattened bottles take less space, making them economical to transport

About Vipra Polytrusion Pvt. Ltd.

We have 20 years of experience in plastics & are putting this to good use to make the environment around us cleaner and waste free.

We, at Vipra Polytrusion Pvt. Ltd., procure the plastic bottles and use mechanical means to flatten them and reduce their volume.

We bundle them into compact bales and make them ready for transportation.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee

Vipra Polytrusion Pvt. Ltd.

E 677, DSIDC Industrial Area, Narela,
Delhi – 110040

Vipra Polytrusion Pvt. Ltd.

Amit Chopra

E 677, DSIDC Industrial Area, Narela,
Delhi – 110040

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